30 Year Anniversary

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Do you remember leg warmers, permed hair, bright coloured clothing and ghetto blasters? If so, you were around when ABA started.

This year, we will have been helping educate students for 30 years and we want to celebrate this milestone with you.

It Started with a Teacher’s Passion
Graeme worked as a scientist at Ruakura Research Centre prior to teaching at schools in and around Hamilton. He is an enthusiastic scientist and shared his passion for the sciences with his students, inspiring them with his entertaining demonstrations, including the odd explosion here and there. To help enhance the students learning and support his teaching style, Graeme started writing and developing worksheets, which later evolved into a workbook. Colleagues from other schools liked what Graeme had developed and started using anything and everything Graeme produced.

ABA was one of the first NZ educational publishers and in 1986, along with Alex Eames, produced the first workbook: Seventh Form Chemistry. As they say… the rest is history.

Continually Evolving
From the humble beginnings of the single chemistry publication, ABA now has a range of over 55 resources – workbooks, eLearning and online revision.  Our workbook formula was to provide students with chunks of theory and then some exercises or practical activities to check and reinforce their learning.

In 2002, we decided to break up our Year 11 Science workbook into ‘mini’ workbook – each mini workbook covered a specific area. In 2011, the ‘mini’ workbook was our solution to the changes being implemented for NCEA at Year 11, which turned out to be a hit by teachers, students and other publishers (who followed our format).

ABA is continually evolving and, in 2014, we changed our name from ABA Books to ABA Resources to reflect the current (and future) services and products we will be offering.

Last year, we trialled our Year 11 Science eLearning (Science 1.1, 1.5 and 1.9) and introduced our online revision.  Both of these resources will be available to all secondary high school in 2016.  We understand the move to eLearning can be a little daunting so we have made the transition a little easier by providing an introductory offer (eLearning PLUS free workbook(s)*).

ABA has built up a great team of current teachers and subject specialists to continue our legacy of having resources that are relevant, up-to-date and engaging. In 2016, we will be releasing some new products that will keep this tradition going.

Celebrate with us!
ABA kicked off the celebration late last year with a pre-birthday special on our Junior Science workbooks.

We will be having giveaways and specials throughout this year, with our official celebration at SciCon in July. We will let you know what’s happening via social media and our website. So, make sure you like us on Facebook or follow us on twitter (#aba_nz) to keep up-to-date.

* freight additional