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A letter of understanding between ABA Resources and Nelson book production and distribution company ‘The Copy Press’ has ensured the continued supply of ABA Resources educational books and support material.

From 1st April, 2020, The Copy Press will take over the printing and supply of most of the printed educational material currently available from ABA Resources.

In the interim period leading up to the changeover, any out-of-stock orders placed with ABA will be filled by The Copy Press.

This is an exciting development for The Copy Press who have been producing books for over 25 years and has its own print and distribution network.

“We feel very privileged to be able to add this wonderful New Zealand company’s material to our publishing catalogue and are looking forward to continuing supplying these popular resources.”
—Dave MacManus, The Copy Press


Workbooks Available

  • Years 9 & 10 Junior Science workbooks—all 16!
  • Year 11 Science External workbook
  • Year 11 Science 1.1, 1.5 & 1.9 workbooks
  • Year 12 Physics workbook
  • Year 13 Physics workbook
  • Year 12 Chemistry External workbook
  • Year 12 Chemistry Internal workbook
  • Year 13 Chemistry External workbook
  • Year 13 Chemistry Internal workbook
  • Year 13 Chemistry 3.2 (Spectroscopy)
  • Year 13 Chemistry 3.7 (Redox)
  • Year 12 Physical Education workbook
  • Year 13 Physical Education workbook
  • Business Studies 1.1, 1.2 & 1.3 workbooks
  • AgHort 2.2, 2.3 & 2.5 workbooks


Some of these publications ABA Resources have in stock and can supply now. Please contact Kay at ABA Resources to check availability and place your 2020 orders.

Note: Teacher guides are still available when class sets are purchased.