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30 Year Anniversary

Do you remember leg warmers, permed hair, bright coloured clothing and ghetto blasters? If so, you were around when ABA started. This year, we will have been helping educate students for 30 years and we want to celebrate this milestone with you. It Started with a Teacher's Passion Graeme worked...

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Inquiry-based Learning

Our junior science workbooks have been designed around an inquiry-based approach to learning where students gain insights into the nature of science through research and hands-on practical inquiries. As a suggested teaching and learning approach we have loosely based our approach on the 5Es teaching and learning model. This approach has been used very effectively...

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Waikato Science Fair

CONGRATULATIONS to Alannah McGall from Fairfield Intermediate for winning the Years 7 & 8 Scientific Wall Chart Award with her Blizzards project. We had a nice surprise when Alannah (and her dad) arrived at our door with some delicious brownies to say 'thank you' for our sponsorship. ABA have sponsored the Waikato Science Fair for...

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Magnetism Demo

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video] Last term we attended a science meeting and were asked to provide a short practical activity to share and demonstrate.  We shared a practical demonstration Graeme (Director of ABA) used to use with his students. A lot of discussion was prompted from the demonstration, so we...

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