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St Paul’s Collegiate School (Hamilton) is leading the way with Agribusiness qualifications for their students and it is great to see Kerry Hunt (our AgHort author) involved in this exciting new initiative.

With over fifty percent of their students from agricultural backgrounds, St Paul’s have begun an innovative and exciting Agribusiness programme they hope to have accepted into the NCEA curriculum by 2017. Partnering with relevant businesses and organisations, this programme is a New Zealand first – and will be rolled out to selected schools around the country.

The Centre of Excellence for Agribusiness Science and Business programme is a two-year agribusiness course (for Years 12 and 13) designed to expose and inspire tertiary capable students to the wide range of skills required and opportunities available in pastoral agriculture and its associated career pathways. If New Zealand is to meet the future challenges of the agribusiness sector, it is essential we develop more skilled graduates right across the value chain.

Students will come into the programme from either strong science and/or commerce backgrounds and they will continue with their complementary NCEA Level 2 and Level 3 subjects accordingly.

Students involved in the Centre of Excellence programme will:

  • take new Agribusiness courses at Level 2 and Level 3, with achievement standards developed from plant science, soil science, primary industries, digital technology, managing risks in agribusiness, agri-marketing, food science, microbiology, new technologies, agri-business accounting, operating structures in agribusiness and others.
  • be encouraged to sit Scholarship Agricultural Horticultural Science at Level 3.
  • have the opportunity to gain complementary NCEA credits from a number of selected achievement standards within the Agribusiness courses.

Find out why the school has initiated such a different model, who is backing it and what the students think by watching the Thinking Forward programme on Country TV (played on Friday 8th May).