eLearning for 2016

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We have announced the release of our eLearning at BioLive/ChemEd.

Investigations into eLearning over the last few years has finally come to fruition with the trial of our Science 1.1, 1.5 and 1.9 eLearning in two New Zealand high schools.  All three courses will be available to New Zealand high schools next year.

Students now have the opportunity to use their devices to learn Science in an interactive way.

The eLearning:

  • provides theory, examples, questions, videos, relevant websites etc.
  • can be used on any internet connected device.
  • marks the majority of questions instantly.
  • provides the correct answer (some with full workings).
  • has a secure back up so student’s can’t lose their work.
  • has a Learning Management System so teachers can access reports to see how students are progressing.
  • allows for more teacher-student ‘talk time’ or interactive class time.
  • can be teacher directed learning or student self-paced learning.

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