Junior Science Workbooks


All 16 workbooks are viewable online for inspection*.

*These workbooks are only available for inspection online.

Key Features
  • The workbooks have been written by Tina Youngman from Paeroa College. Tina is a National and local award winning teacher because of her dedication and commitment to education and innovative ideas in the classroom. Check out our blog on Tina here.
  • We have developed 16 individual mini-workbooks to cover Levels 3, 4 and 5 of the NZ Curriculum for Years 9 and 10 (can also be used from Year 8-11).
  • You can choose from the range of workbooks and use them in any desired order – the advantage is that you are not locked into macro workbooks where your teaching order is predetermined.
  • Student workbooks have been printed in full colour and range in size from 40 to 56 pages.
  • Every workbook has an accompanying Teacher’s Guide also printed in full colour.  They range in size from 56 to 80 pages. Every Teacher’s Guide is prefixed with generic information regarding the ‘Nature of Science’ strand of the NZ Science Curriculum and includes Tina’s Teaching Philosophy.  At the back of each Teacher’s Guide there are Teacher Notes and a copy of the free downloadable Resource with answers. The free downloadable Resources range in size from 4 to 22 pages and can be downloaded once you have purchased your class sets with Teacher’s Guides.
  • The workbooks have been designed as a teaching tool to supplement and complement the teaching and learning that already takes place in the classroom.  It is not designed to be used as a stand alone resource.  The author suggests that the activities in the workbook be prefixed by a ‘teaching moment’.
  • Each workbook provides:
    • Specific Learning Outcomes for students
    • definitions of key terms used in the science topic
    • background information
    • literacy and numeracy tasks
    • a range of practical activities
    • student inquiry using IQFIREIdea, Question, Find, Interpret, Report, Evaluate
  • It is important for teachers to recognise that it is not necessary to cover everything presented in each workbook.
  • The workbooks could also be used in Year 11 for students to revisit key information before tackling NCEA Level 1 or for introducing science topics at Year 8.

Student Workbook prices are based on page count as follows:

Introduction to Science: $6.50*
Atomic Structure Part 1: $6.00*
Atomic Structure Part 2: $6.50*
Acids and Bases: $5.50*
Metals and Materials: $6.00*
Motion: $5.50*
Light and Sound: $5.50*
Electricity: $6.50*
Forces and Energy: $6.00*
Outer Space: $5.50*
Planet Earth: $5.50*
Ecology and the Environment: $6.00*
The Human Body: $6.00*
Genetics and Evolution: $6.00*
Reproduction: $6.00*
Cells and Living Things: $6.00*

*Priced for class sets only. GST inclusive, freight additional.

If cost is an issue for your school and/or students, please contact Kay direct as she may be able to customise a payment plan to suit your needs.

A Teacher’s Guide of each title may be purchased for $20 (including GST) only when a class set of the same title is purchased.

You can place your Junior Science order now by calling Kay on 07 854 9360 and arrange a delivery date that suits you. These books are not available for purchase through our website.


The 16 workbooks are as follows:

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