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New Junior Science Workbooks for 2017

Teachers have unique teaching styles and are best able to assess the abilities of their students.  ABA’s NEW Junior Science Workbooks have been designed as a teaching tool to supplement and complement the teaching and learning already taking place in the classroom. They provide:

  • background information;
  • key words and definitions;
  • literacy and numeracy tasks, and
  • a range of activities.


Practicals and Experiments

The practicals and experiments in the workbooks have been chosen specifically based on the equipment that is available in most science departments or equipment that is easily accessible. The teacher can include additional demonstrations, experiments and practicals (the inclusion of a blank Staircase Experiment template allows the same format to be used).


Literacy Tasks

It is imperative that the literacy tasks (the articles in the downloadable resources) are taught thoroughly and students are given direction when working on them. There are numerous ways these articles can be used with a class but they should rarely be given as they are. Explanations of these literacy techniques are included in each Teacher’s Guide. It is expected each teacher will provide students with ‘teaching around the topics’, enabling students to complete the workbook activities.


Student Inquiry with IQFIRE

As students work through each workbook, they should be aware of any questions they want answered and areas or new points of interest, they want to explore further. These questions can be recorded in the IQFIRE at the back of each workbook.

At the conclusion of each workbook, students should be given time to carry out an inquiry project into a specific area of their choosing.

This inquiry strategy gives students the opportunity to increase their background knowledge by investigating and experiencing the benefits of thorough effective inquiry.


You can find out more about our new Junior Science Workbooks here or if you are coming to SciCon, Kay and Sally will have some draft samples to show you.