Science Education in the 21st Century

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In term 1, ABA attended a symposium at the TEMS Centre, University of Waikato.

It was an open panel discussion consisting of five speakers from the science education scene and they shared their vision for science education in the 21st century.

On the panel were Ian Torrie (St Cuthberts College), Irene Cooper (Hillcrest Normal School), Greta Dromgool (Berkley Normal Intermediate), Elle (NZCER) and Georgina Stewart (University of Auckland).

In attendance were also two respected international science educators,  Professor Jan van Driel and Associate Professor Amanda Berry (Leiden University, Netherlands), who summarised the panels discussion and provided their thoughts.  Jan and Amanda’s work on teachers’ professional learning will be of great interest to students, researchers and others involved in the teaching and learning of science in the NZ classroom.

The sound quality isn’t the best at the start but it does get better as the discussion progresses – it is still clear enough to understand.

Enjoy watching the panel discussion.