We’ve changed our name!

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ABA Books is now ABA Resources

ABA is continually evolving and our name change clearly reflects the current (and future) services and products ABA provide.

You can depend on ABA to continue to supply workbooks that:

  • are relevant, up-to-date and directly linked to the NZ Curriculum.
  • engage students, providing them with the relevant content to pass their NCEA exams.
  • are written using appropriate literacy and numeracy at each level.
  • thoroughly cover the content.
  • are written by teachers and subject specialists to ensure there are no content misconceptions.

At ABA Resources, we will continue to work with teachers, students, authors and subject specialists to develop educational solutions.

We value the relationships we have with our customers and the feedback we receive from you ensures our products continually improve and evolve.  Please contact us if you would like to contribute anything relating to our workbooks.