Workbook Stock Levels

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A huge thank you to everyone who has ordered their 2015 workbooks so far.

We have hit the ground running with lots of orders coming in and workbooks flying out the door.

We have sold out of the Level 3 Chemistry External workbook and Year 11 Science External workbook.  We signed off on a reprint of the chemistry workbook (back in stock the week of 16th Feb) and have our individual science workbooks as an alternative to our Science External workbook (price is the same).

We are mindful stock levels on some other publications are very low: Redox (3.7), Quantitative (3.1), Year 12 Chemistry External, Year 13 Physics and our Year 11, 12 & 13 PE workbooks.  If you are looking at using any of these workbooks this year, please let us know.  But be assured that we will honour your order if we have run out of stock by getting a reprint or providing an alternative.

Keep those orders coming in as we love being busy!